Thursday, December 6, 2012

Really Random

I am working on hand quilting a baby doll quilt for my grandaughter Cora.  This quilt was put together of left over tumblers from another project. 

It was fun just sewing these scraps together.  It is only 24" x 30" so I don't think it will take too long to quilt.

I used a soft flannel instead of batting so that the quilt would stay nice and soft and easy to use with her baby dolls.

This is the before and after of an armchair that I have been working on for a long time.  We aquired the chair a long time ago when my oldest daughter was in college.  She loved it cause it was small but super comfy - she still calls it her homework chair.  Then it got left in our garage, where I got big ideas about re-doing it. 

 I started tearing the old chair apart over a year ago, and then one project after another kept getting in the way of working on it.  Including my daughters engagement and wedding.


 So finally this last week I got a chance to get back at it and once I really started working on it and got out my husbands air stapler (high powered tools are always better :>)) the job went fairly quickly.

This is a pic of the chair all finished and in the room.  I have been re-doing this room, so I also just got the bookshelves all painted (they were unfinished pine to start out) and installed in the room.  Still have to get the rest of my books out of the basement.  But I am super happy with how the room is coming together.

And these two pics are close ups of a shrug that I knit for my daughter to wear with her wedding dress.  It is made of Alpaca and silk yarn and has pearl beads added in the knitting.  These pics were of the shrug as I blocked it.  The shrug is VERY soft and warm which was perfect as the wedding was outside and it was barely 50 degrees that day.

This is my daughter Kelly at the end of her wedding reception (and lots of dancing) with her new husband Doug.  You can see the shrug with the wedding dress.  Hopefully, I will get the photographer photos of the wedding soon, including some close ups of the shrug that I will post next week.  So please check back next week to see the finished shrug.

Thank you for stopping by to check out my random projects!!  Hope you are getting lots of projects done too.

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  1. that little tumbler quilt is going to make someone very happy. And wow, good job on the reupholstery. My dad used to do that as a sidejob and I know it is a LOT of work. Your daughter is beautiful and the shrug is really lovely. Thanks for linking up!