Thursday, August 30, 2012

Really Random

We have been gone on vacation.  We went to the lake and had a great time.  Spent part of the week with friends and had lots of fun with them.  This is the view from the deck, and our favorite swing, so relaxing to sit here and swing.  The guys fished and my friend Rissa and I went on walks, played scrabble, went antiqueing, and had some great food including fish tacos with mango salsa, and blueberry buckle and apricot bars. 

Here is a pic of a large fish I "caught" a pic of on my iphone, he was right at the edge of the water.  Due to the drought we have had this summer the water is way lower (11') than normal.  Unfortunately,  this was the only fish "caught" all week, even though the guys fished a LOT over the 3 days.


I came out to may car a few weeks ago and here was a leaf that had turned golden and fallen already, again due to the drought.  My daughter is getting married in October which is normally when the leaves would be beautiful.  But this year we are worried all the leaves will fall by then.  This tulip tree leaf really caught my eye though as I went to open my car door.

This is Dazey, my youngest daughters new puppy.  Hard to get her to sit still for a pic.  She is very cute, and energetic!

An iphone photo of an antique bowtie quilt I got at an auction.  My daughter who is getting married has confiscated it, and used it for her engagement pics which turned out amazing (you can see some of the pics on her blog at  Check out the post for Aug. 17th ).  So we are going to make a new quilt for her that will hopefully look similar to the antique quilt.  I will share more about it in another post.

Once again, sorry about the bad iphone photo but I couldn't resist getting a quick pic of these 2 signs my husband saw at a shop we were in recently.  He decided they might come in handy next time he has a conference meeting Ha Ha.
And to end this randomness a cute pic of my grandaughter Cora.  She loves to swing.  Her Mom and Dad installed a "swing beam" in their back yard earlier in the summer, so now her favorite plea is "Swing high please"
Oh to be so young and your only wish be to swing high please :>)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Thousand Pyramids

I read many blogs, mostly quilting blogs and one of my favorites is I really enjoy her posts, and love her quilts.  This pyramid quilt inspired me.  I also love Anthropologie and enjoy their catalogs.  So here is the beginning of my pyramid quilt. 

I was having so much fun cutting out pyramids I think this is going to end up much bigger than originally planned  I used a green and aqua solid that I already had but ran out after 4 rows of each.  So I ended up deciding to piece a couple of rows of just prints together.  Not totally sure I like that, so stopped working on it and decided I needed to get more of the solid fabric, or maybe some other colors of solid fabrics.

I ended up with about 36" x 60" at this point.  I have also found some other colors of solids that I intend to use.  So stay tuned.