Thursday, October 31, 2013

Random Fall Happenings

I haven't posted in a while and this is the reason why... Newest granddaughter born in July (I will post newborn photos in another post).  Brooklyn Rae is now 3 months old.  We are all really enjoying her.
Brooklyn and Mom and Dad came to visit/Trick or Treat... here is Brooklyn in her Owl costume, after some coaxing she hooted or cooed it was so funny.
This is our grandson Ethan.  He played Soccer this fall, his first time.  He is showing off his medal he received when they had their final game a week ago.
All of the grandkids were here for some pumpkin carving on Saturday. 

As the day went on it got cooler so we made a campfire.
And if you have a campfire that means roasting hot dogs and of course marshmallows.
Which means we all enjoyed S'mores!!
And just in case you might think I haven't been doing any sewing here is a sneak peak at a quilt I made for my sister.
I call it Circles of Love and I will show lots of pics and tell you all about it soon.
Thank you so much for stopping by the blog, hope you are enjoying fall.