Thursday, June 28, 2012

My New Favorite Skirt

I love my new skirt.  The skirt pattern and the design of the leaves is from the Alabama Chanin book "Alabama Stitch Style".  I first saw some of these designs on the blog of and I was intrigued.  I have always loved hand stitching and applique so I decided I would like to try a simple skirt.    I really liked the leaf design and there was a stencil included in the book that I could use without having to cut my own. 

This is a close-up of the design.  The process involves using t-shirt fabric (new or recycled, mine is recycled) to stencil the design on, and then you layer black t-shirt fabric behind and stitch around the steciled paint design and then you cut out the center of the design.  This is actually like traditional reverse applique.  I love the designs and stitching, but I really don't like all the prep work of cutting and doing the stenciling first.  BTW, there are different samples in the book showing with or without knots and tails showing.  I decided to go with leaving the knots and tails on the outside.  At first I didn't like it, but they have kind of grown on me. 

I used a t-shirt but it started out light blue and I overdyed it with an indigo blue.  I used a turquoise blue paint for the stenciling, to give some contrast.  Then the background fabric is a black t-shirt.  All of the stitching is done with heavy button and craft thread (as recommended in the book).

The book puts together all of the panels of the skirt with hand stitching.  I opted to machine stitch the panels together with the seam allowances to the inside but then felled the seam allowance with hand stitching.  After I got the skirt done and wore it once I really wished it had a pocket.  Then I realized I had taken a pocket off the t shirt before I cut out the skirt, so I stitched the pocket on up at the waist with a blanket stitch, and it is the perfect size for my iphone or keys.  The skirt is also so comfy to wear. 

I already have plans to do another skirt, but haven't found the perfect t-shirts yet.  If you are interested in this style check out the website they have everything you need for diy or they have already made clothes which are pricey but are also great for inspiration.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Art Show

I am finally getting some pictures posted of my art show.  The opening was on May 11, 2012, at a local gallery run by the Tippecanoe Arts Feceration.  It was a busy night as it was a downtown gallery walk, so over 350 people attended the opening.  My show consisted of quilts that I have made using shibori techniques for dyeing all of the fabrics used, and paintings that I have done that are abstract, using oil and wax techniques.

Here are some pics of the gallery and me feeling very nervous right before the opening started.

Quilt of shibori dyed fabric titled "Late Afternoon"

Paintings and a quilt at the upper left.
The show also included a few pillows and hand dyed scarves

This painting was a favorite of viewers called "Hot Flash"  it sold fairly early in the evening.

Painting entitled "Passage"
Pieced quilt of hand dyed fabrics "Early Spring"  and 3 oil and wax paintings.

Another quilts of shibori dyed fabrics

This painting was also a favorite of viewers called "Summer Day"

The show ended on June 15, but it was a success.  I sold 6 paintings and 2 of my hand dyed scarves!  I was very happy with the response, especially since my oil and wax paintings were all new work.  And if you see any paintings or quilts you are interested in purchasing please email me.  Many are still available. 

Thanks to my daughter Kelly for all of the great pictures.  She worked very hard the day before and the night of the opening helping me with hanging things, and food, and pictures...  I really appreciate it Kelly!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Contemporary baby quilt

June 11, 2012

Here are pics of the baby quilt my friend Rissa made while we were at the lake back in April (wow time has flown by since then).  It is for a young couple she knows that loves contemporary design.  They had requested salmon and grays.  We had some difficulty finding those colors in contemporary, but also good for a baby quilt, type prints.  All in all I think these prints all look great.

It turns out the Michael Miller orange and gray dot (just below the center of the quilt in the pic below)  which was from my stash was a perfect complement to her prints so we swithched out one of the prints she had bought for my dot.  I think it is so cute in the quilt and adds some deeper colors to the overall mix.  Rissa used the black and gray dot stripe as the focal point down the middle of the quilt and on the back.

I love how the quilt turned out.  She decided to machine quilt it with meandering parallel lines.  I think it adds a great soft touch to all of the straight lines of the piecing.  Rissa sent the quilt to her friend Amy and her husband as they live in Texsas.  It just so happened I was with Rissa the day Amy got the quilt, and then called Rissa screaming with excitement over how perfect the quilt was.  She was so excited, and Rissa of course was thrilled.