Friday, December 14, 2012

Random Christmas fun

My youngest daughter sent me this pic from the Meijer parking lot the other day.  She texted me "Mom, thought you would find this humorous"  and she was right.  I laughed out loud and still smile every time I see the picture.  I told my daughter I hope the driver noticed before she drove off.  She agreed but thought that would have been really funny to see the ball of yarn trailing behind the van...

Isn't this Christmas Tree skirt beautiful?  My daughter Alyssa made it!  She saw a picture of a similar one online and decided she could make that - one of those sometimes detrimental traits she learned from her mother :>)

She used a matelasse fabric she found at Joanns and then used osnaburg also from Joanns for the border.  She made a stencil and stenciled on the words.  The border also has silk ribbon stitching around the inner edge of the outer border.  I think it turned out beautifully.

My grandkids Ethan and Cora got to go on the Polar Express Christmas train with Mom and Dad.  Here is Ethan and Cora (at left) with Santa on the train.  They got to ride the train, had hot chocolate and cookies, and saw Santa and Mrs. Claus.  I think they had a really fun time.

This is a house and garage my grandson Ethan built.  I love the colorful symmetry with the block shapes. 

He also built this tower and bridge using legos and wood train tracks - so amazing!  Especially since he just turned 4, again totally symmetrical, he does have some OCD tendencies :>)  So we are on the hunt for fun building sets for him.  It seems all the Lego sets are to build a specific building or vehicle... just haven't found the right set for him.

This is a sneak peek at a surprise I Spy quilt for Ethan.  I intended to get this done for his birthday, but with all of the wedding stuff that didn't happen.  So, I am trying to get it done for Christmas.
OK, I think thats all for now.  Hope you enjoy my random Christmas post.  Hope you are having a joyous season, without too much stress.


  1. What a fun post! That yarn ball photo is too funny....but maybe not to the owner of it! lol

  2. She did an awesome job on that tree skirt. How did she get the scrolly letters so perfect??? :D

    1. Hi LynCC! I am Sylvia's daughter and created a vinyl stencil for the lettering using my Silhouette machine. I then used fabric paint in black. Tedious, but love the way it turned out! Thanks for saying hi!

  3. I LOVE your post this week! What a fabulous tree skirt. I have a 4-year-old grandson who is a Lego fanatic, and also seems to prefer things symmetrical. (I'm seeing lots of genetic traits from his daddy--our son...)