Friday, September 21, 2012

Keepsake Quilt

This is a picture of the antique bow tie quilt I got at an auction. We used it as a table cover at my daughter's wedding shower.   My daughter loved the vibrant colors and fun scrappiness of the antique quilt so we decided to make a keepsake quilt for her that is similar. 

We decided to do 4 patch blocks instead of the bow tie but used a lot of reproduction scraps to give the same feel with the colors and prints of the antique quilt.  I pieced all of the blocks and put freezer paper onto the back of the plain muslin squares.  I used a sharpie to put lines on the freezer paper to make it easier for people to write on the fabric squares.  Everyone at the shower added good wishes and their name to a pieced block.  We used the brown Pigma permanent pens which are for fabric
Here is the quilt blocks all layed out and ready to be put together. I pulled all of the freezer paper squares off before piecing the blocks together.   As you can see getting all of the prints arranged "randomly" and the signed blocks all facing the right way was kind of a project.
This is the quilt with the blocks all together and part of the gold borders on it.  I still needed to add the red borders.  The quilt now has all its borders and is layered and ready to quilt.  Just need to get some time to work on the quilting.  It's been a crazy busy week here with wedding stuff.  Hopefully I will have some finished pics of the quilt soon!

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